April 2, 2012

I Got Into Spectrum!

Spectrum posted the artist list for their 19th book:
And I got in! Getting into Spectrum has been a personal goal of mine since art school. I'm completely blown away that my name appears on this list. You might say I'm as happy as someone with two knives:

A while back, I sent some of my friends a self-deprecating e-mail with screen grabs from one of Spectrum's videos about the judging. I noticed in the video a quick shot of one of the judges (Jon Schindehette) looking at some of the art Emily and I entered.

I joked that if you watch the video you can actually see me "not getting in." I may be playing around here, but I truly am honored to be recognized. A big thanks to all the judges that voted for my art by putting the magical paper clips in the divine paper cups.

When I find out what illustration got in I'll be sure to post about it on here!

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