April 25, 2012

Anomaly 2012 is this Saturday!

Anomaly 2012 poster by Scott Carmichael
Just a reminder to anyone that's in the Seattle/Vancouver/Pacific Northwest area that the Anomaly Workshop is on Saturday. I'm getting stuff prepared for the demo I'll be doing there. It's not going to be a formal talk about a particular subject, rather I'm going to be on the main floor of the museum drawing and (digitally) painting from 6pm to midnight. Like I mentioned before, I've never done this sort of thing but I think once I get into some sort of rhythm it'll be a lot of fun. (again please don't throw things, kneaded erasers can really hurt)

My plan is to design a character on paper, scan it, and finish off the concept in the computer. Hopefully things go smoothly, and I don't just end up drawing and erasing the same monster head for 6 hours straight. (this is a possibility) If for some reason I'm not at my table drawing, just try and find where Terryl Whitlatch is. I'll probably be fawning all over her like the art-dork I am.

I'll post the work I do at the workshop sometime next week. Stay tuned!

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