April 9, 2012

Things to click on...

The internet is full of wonderful and horrible things. (mostly horrible) So from time to time I thought I'd share some stuff that's caught my interest.

Really wonderful talk with Jean Giraud at CTN 2009. They go over his life, his work and his philosophy:
There's also a moving clip from a documentary where he's talking to his daughter and for some reason it made me sad now that he's passed on.

Continuing on the same theme, a 40 min documentary about Maurice Sendak (it will also make you sad):
Sendak is irreverent, self reflective and honest. He also has a way of speaking that really gets to me. You can hear the wisdom and experience of an artist and writer that has truly accepted the good and bad with the life he's led.

Beautiful LOTR concepts by Wes Burt:
His rendering skills for all the different armor, fabric and materials is amazing. Like Ian McCaig, Wes's stuff is primarily realistic but he still puts so much character into the faces and gestures that nothing looks stiff or stale.

New trailer for Prometheus:
Looks good, but I'm still worried we find out way to much about the weird derelict ship and the space jockey from Alien.

Really great talk about gender and the socialization of young girls from author Peggy Orenstein

That's all for this edition!

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