September 30, 2014

Sketching from the Imagination

Just a quick heads up, I'm featured in a new book coming out in October from 3D Total. It's called sketching from the Imagination and it looks super cool!

You can see a mini preview and a list of contributing artists. I'm really happy and honored to be in amongst some of my favorite artists in the industry. Especially Pat Ann and Larry MacDougall! (their sites are linked over on my link list) (Pat Ann is listed as P.A. Lewis)

Here's a couple pics of the book...

September 28, 2014

Hero Design Panel from PAX 14

Want to hear me yammer on and on about how we design heroes on Gigantic? Here ya go! Seriously though, I talked too much. One of my fellow team members should have slapped me!

If it wasn't clear in the video... I'm really proud of the team we have at Motiga. We're doing some really cool work and I can't wait to share more of it with you guys!

Also here's a fun video of player reactions to our game!

September 26, 2014

Gigantic Cosplay!

Well here's a career first! One of the characters I designed for Gigantic in the flesh!
The costumes were created by the cosplaying duo of Sweatshop202. They did a great job on Tripp including the added bonus of glowing daggers! Sweatshop202 also made a cool costume for Tyto the Swift, but I'll let Devon blog about that.

Tripp is this super fast, super stealthy assassin with lightning powers from our game. 
Photo by Costographer

WIP shot with my concept art

Tripp and Tyto at PAX14

Glowing daggers!
Also sorry for the lack of fun sketches lately. I've been very busy doing lots of different art related nonsense. Much of it I can't show yet. I'll get back to posting random character sketches with not very funny but I think they're funny captions soon!

I'm not lazy I swear!

September 1, 2014

AFRU Gallery Show in Portland September 5th - 27th

Just a quick heads up, Emily and I will have work at the AFRU Gallery in Portland this month. The show is entitled "Illustrator and Designer Appreciation" and it's associated with the Rose City Comic Con. (The AFRU Gallery is just a few blocks from the convention center)

I have three pieces in the show, two of which are for sale. The third is a personal piece that I have yet to properly feature on this blog, but I'll get to that soon. (you can see it on my website here though)
Here are the two "oldie but goody" dragon paintings for sale:

The galleries opening reception is Sept. 5th from 6pm till Midnight. Emily and I might not be able to make it out though, one of our pets is sick so we might be preoccupied with making him feel better. 

But if your a Portland native or you'll be in town please go check out the show!