September 26, 2014

Gigantic Cosplay!

Well here's a career first! One of the characters I designed for Gigantic in the flesh!
The costumes were created by the cosplaying duo of Sweatshop202. They did a great job on Tripp including the added bonus of glowing daggers! Sweatshop202 also made a cool costume for Tyto the Swift, but I'll let Devon blog about that.

Tripp is this super fast, super stealthy assassin with lightning powers from our game. 
Photo by Costographer

WIP shot with my concept art

Tripp and Tyto at PAX14

Glowing daggers!
Also sorry for the lack of fun sketches lately. I've been very busy doing lots of different art related nonsense. Much of it I can't show yet. I'll get back to posting random character sketches with not very funny but I think they're funny captions soon!

I'm not lazy I swear!

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