March 28, 2012

Come visit us at ECCC!

My entry for the 2012 Monsters and Dames Charity book
This weekend is the Emerald City Comic Con!
Emily posted our table location on her blog:

So come by, say "hi," and buy stuff! Or just awkwardly thumb through our art and quietly slink away. It’s perfectly acceptable to do that. I’ve done it at many a con. I’ll have my sketchbook there to sell, "Linework Vol.2." I’ll also have prints of some of my older D&D work, and last years Monsters and Dames piece.
My 2011 Monsters and Dames Illo
I can’t sell prints of this year's illustration but you can always bring the book by for me to sign. Emily will have her book, "The Explorer's Guide to Drawing Fantasy Creatures" for sale, as well as prints of her art. Last but not least we'll have a bunch of our original D&D paintings for sale, they’re oldies but goodies! 

Pictures of awkward Batmen and tired artists to come!