November 3, 2015

Spectrum 22

I just received my copy of Spectrum 22! I was fortunate to have two pieces accepted this year. This time my personal piece "The Green Man" and a cover to Imagine FX titled "Go Gigantic" were published in the book. "Go Gigantic" was a digital painting on which I collaborated with my friend and fellow Motigan Devon Cady-Lee featuring some of the characters from our game.
Here's how the pieces appear in the book:

Across from a Tony Diterlizzi painting!
Got a nice full page!

Our cover has a nice splash of color on this spread.
Go Gigantic!
Once again I'm honored to be included. A few years ago I had a concept piece I did for a LOTR game get in, but this time I'm happy that one of my gouache paintings was selected. I feel more attached to my traditional art, especially since this painting was more of a personal piece.

Thanks to the judges for picking my stuff! It's always nice to be a part of such a great art community.

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