October 13, 2014

Imagine FX Cover and Workshop!

More Gigantic news!
Gigantic is on the cover of an upcoming issue of the digital art magazine Imagine FX. The cover was dual painted by Devon and me.  It was an interesting process. I've never actually collaborated with someone on a piece of artwork but it was pretty fun, so I see no reason not to do more art-collaborations in the future! Emily and I have painted on each others paintings from time to time, and we've also helped each other out with drawings but those are more like un-official collaborations.

Anyways here's the cover! It definitely exceeded the quota for the number of characters on an IFX cover! (Usually they just have one character per cover.)

Tyto, Voden, and Knossos get ready to battle their most
fearsome foe... cover copy.
After the issue is actually out I'll get permission to post some process stuff and post the cover without the text.

There's also a "how we design a hero on Gigantic" workshop in the issue. I tried to put into words the interesting and collaborative design process at Motiga, using the elite sniper, Imani, as an example. I'd love to elaborate on this further but for now this is a nice peek into our process! Here's a really lo-res pic of that workshop... gotta get the issue if you want to read it!

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