December 4, 2012

Spectrum 19!

Remember when I mentioned a while back that I got into Spectrum?
Well it's finally out!

So go buy it and then quickly turn to page 116 to gaze upon some really nice Justin Sweet concept pieces for Green Lantern and the Avengers. Then divert your gaze to the Stone Giant I did for LOTR: War in the North. THEN and only THEN you can look at the rest of the book. Specifically Emily's art, see her post here.

It's a huge book, so big that by the time you get to the end you'll forget about what you saw in the beginning! A lot of friends also got in for the first time this year, guys like Nick Southam, Chris SeamanTyler Jacobson and Tyler Walpole. (though now that I think of it some of these guys might have gotten in before... but I'm too lazy to ask or check)

My stone giant has invaded a perfectly good Justin Sweet spread.
I want to re-iterate how happy I am that I was selected for inclusion into Spectrum. I've been trying for years and getting pretty discouraged but this does renew my hope for entering in the future.

I think in a future post I'll break down the Stone Giant concept and show some of my design process, if it was good enough for Spectrum it's good enough for a blog post. Stay tuned!

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