December 22, 2013

Lands and Legends Kickstarter

I wanted to bring your attention to a new book that's up for funding via Kickstarter.

At this years Gen Con an art fan by the name of Mike Phifer approched our table and told us about his book project. Mike and his brother are trying to put together an art book, but not just a random assortment of fantasy art, rather, a themed book about some of the old stories and mythology that feeds so much of genre art.

I was instantly impressed by the artists that he already had signed on. Prominent artists like James Gurney, Donato Giancola, and Todd Lockwood! Also a bunch of my friends and colleagues have signed on. Emily and I are also contributing to the book. Emily's painting "The Lady of the Lake," and I'm painting "The Green Man."

So if you're a fan of fantasy, mythology and art, please contribute to the book! Mike's promo video might not be very flashy but the book itself will be well made and printed. (He showed us an example of a very well designed book he worked on before this project.)

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