January 24, 2015

Meet Mozo!

PAX South is going on right now, and one of the new heroes I created for our game Gigantic was revealed!

There's a bit of cat, rabbit, and monkey in her design
She’s a wannabe wizard that doesn’t really realize the amount of firepower she wields! Her official bio line from our site: “Mozo amassed a collection of magic wands — sometimes without the prior owners' consent.”

So basically she’s a wand thief! hehehe.

I had a ton of fun coming up with her design. I’ll be sure to go into that process on here in a separate post.

Here's links to the other talented artists that brought her to life (so she can then subsequently kill you:
Modeled by Ted Lockwood, animated by Jo Han, and effects by Shen Spurgeon.
Mozo, annoying the crap out everyone on the opposing team

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