January 8, 2015

Guardians of Middle Earth Concepts Part 2

Another classic LOTR character I got to re-imagine for GoME was the Balrog. I tried some other demon designs, keeping in line with the look from the film version, but it's hard to do a new version of a creature that's now part of a classic scene. I think my designs kept the flavor of the original just with larger proportions better suited for the game. I told myself that this isn't THE Balrog but another of it's kind.

Please form your fingers into the
"devil horns" hand gesture when
viewing these concepts.
Final design for the Balrog summon

One of the other responsibilities I had on GoME was helping with effects concepting. I really like doing effects concepts, it's more about impact and action than design and anatomy. Though coming up with visually dynamic shapes is still "designing", but its' different than something like armor or weapon concepting. The concepts can be looser since they're just there to give the effects artists and animators a jumping off point.

Bright and celestial effects for Gandalf and Galadriel.
Weird, unnerving Gollum effects.

Elemental Agandaur and Lugbol effects.

Spooky Barrow Wight effects.

Finally here's a collection of sketches that just didn't make the cut. Most of the characters in GoME are from the films or the LOTR books. I came up with some other fun characters but they didn't really get past the sketch stage!

I will never tire of sticking arrows into characters.
I hope you all aren't sick of Orcs, Dwarves and Elves just yet.... I have TONS of work for Shadows of Mordor to post in the future!

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