September 22, 2012

Things to Click On

The internet is full of wonderful and horrible things. (mostly horrible) So from time to time I thought I'd share some stuff that's caught my interest.

(Awesome) Concept artist Matt Rhodes has a very good assessment of the Steampunk genre:

I love this "snail man" sculpt by Aris Kolokontes:

I really agree with Petar Meseldzija's post on his blog (and also re-posted on Muddy Colors) about appreciating and depicting nature. I know what he means, especially when you're doing concept art and your work is just isolated on a white or gray background:

My friend Steve Prescott is starting to post some of his concept drawings for the Innistrad set for Magic... great stuff:

Did you see the behind the scenes pictures from the new Robocop reboot?,85017/
Blargh, Robocop's "costume" from the original 1987 movie is one of my favorite mech/robot designs ... but this one is just devoid of character. Maybe it'll be better if the silver metal gets put on top of this suit?
Don't get me started with Hollywood and all of these remakes.

Start your clicking!


  1. Thank you for sharing these links. I especially liked viewing the sculpts on Aris Kolokontes' blog.
    Having just discovered you blog, i'm really inspired, particularly by your SOTW. Thanks

  2. If I start wearing Prada steampunk are you going to disown me?