September 20, 2012

Fun With Gen Con - Part 3

Another nice thing about Gen Con's art show is that it feels like a community compared to other cons we've done. One way Gen Con fosters that community is by having awards every year. The awards are juried by the guest of honor, last years best in show, and an art director from one of the larger gaming companies. It all happens at the artists reception on Friday evening. The lineup this year was Todd Lockwood (guest of honor), Scott Murphy (best in show 2011), and Jon Schindehette (art director at WOTC).

in 2011, I won a juror's choice award from Chris Rahn. This year the legendary Todd Lockwood awarded me with another juror's choice! He told me he liked all my pieces at the show but he really liked my Monsters and Dames illustration.

He said he liked the humor and vibrancy of color in the piece. I was extremely honored and humbled to catch Todd's eye with my work.

Here's a blurry paparazzi style photo of me getting my award with Todd Lockwood and Jon Schindehette:

For some really exciting award related news from Emily head over to her blog and read this post: 
Congrats Emily!

That's all for my Gen Con 2012 posts. Thanks to all who visited my table, Emily and I will be there again next year. I'll just leave you with: 


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