August 10, 2012

Pygmy Triad - World of Warcraft TCG

Here's one of the most recent World of Warcraft cards I worked on. I did three cards for this set, and this one was my favorite out of the three.  I might post the other ones, but then again I might not! You know the old saying: Out of sight, out of portfolio.

 Card art is challenging, especially for a newbie like me. Some of my other illustrator friends do dozens of cards a year so they really understand how to push their composition, colors and contrast to create art that reads well when it's printed on a trading card. I, however am still getting the hang of it.

This particular card was interesting since the pygmy characters are supposed to be stacked on top of each other, which of course doesn't really work for a card with a horizontal picture plane. Here's how the characters appear in the game:

And here's my thumbnail. I took the basic idea but "squished" them so they fit into the card format. Which also let me breathe some life into the characters since they're supposed to be goofy.
And the drawing before I started my digital painting:

 Finally here's the art as it appears on the card. It still reads well in teeny tiny card format!

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  1. Good job Vinod. It looks like you solved the problem perfectly.