August 22, 2012

Fun with Gen Con - Part 1

Another year, another Gen Con. That might sound like I'm getting tired of coming to Gen Con, but that's far from the truth. I love Gen Con, but getting ready for it is always stressful. Our studio essentially spills into the rest of our house with suitcases, con display paraphernalia, and original paintings strewn onto every available floor space in our house.

But we made it out to Indianapolis, got all set up, and let the onslaught of genre art lovers gaze upon our tables and shower us with compliments. (that's the real fun part!)

Me, my booth, and my books.
The weirdest interaction with a "fan" was actually fairly early on Thursday. An older gentleman came by and looked through my print book and angrily let the pages drop from his hand and shuffle off, he then went next door to Emily's table and asked if she had any mermaid art. She said the closest piece she had was her water nymph from her book, to which the guy grumbled "That's not the same thing."  Later after talking with the other artists, who had similar interactions, we deemed this individual… "Mermaid guy."

Go forth mermaid guy, the perfect mermaid art awaits you! (just not at Gen Con)

Seriously though, 99% of the fans are awesome, super nice, and really fun to talk to. Over the last 6 years we've actually made quite a few friends that visit us every year and we actually talk about things that aren't nerd or art related! Gasp!

More posts about Gen Con coming soon! As well as sketches I did in the many sketchbooks I sold!

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