May 21, 2012

Things to click on

The internet is full of wonderful and horrible things. (mostly horrible) So from time to time I thought I'd share some stuff that's caught my interest.

Emily posted a really well written list of her top 10 artistic influences. She did it in conjunction with the IMPACT blog:

I've been listening to some Philip Glass music lately, I really like his collaboration with Ravi Shankar:

Spotted this guy on CG Hub, it brought a smile to my face. It has a Jim Henson "muppet" quality that I just love:

Maurice Sendak passed away. Emily wrote a nice post about him with some great links to recent interviews:
Stephen Colbert also had a great tribute for Mr. Sendak:

Larry McDougal had to re-start his blog, for various stupid internet reasons. But his new one is full of the same amazing art, check it out!

My friend Maegan Walling started a CGhub account, check out her amazing first post!

Start your clicking!

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