May 7, 2012

Anomaly Demo

Sorry for the delay in posting this; various non–art stuff kept getting in the way. Here's what I did during my six hours at the Anomaly Workshop.

Before the workshop, I did some legwork since I was worried about drawing and painting with people watching me. First, I played around with some body roughs. I knew I wanted to do some type of creature, since the theme for the workshop was "study from life" and we were in a natural history museum. 

Here's the first round of sketches that I did in my sketchbook.

Another round in the computer exploring the proportions a bit more. I'm trying
for something long, lean and muscular.

Getting somewhere... I wanted to explore something with his ears.
They have very loose skin, so when he's alerted or startled he can
expand them to take in more sound.

The images completed at the workshop.
Detail view. I was inspired by Terryl Whitlatch's bold use of color for
her creature designs.

The ever important reference sheet.
I'm happy with this guy, and I'm glad I did some studies before the workshop. That way I could just zone out and paint details and textures, which I love doing. When I get some free time, I'm going to give this guy the full Terryl Whitlatch treatment: design his skeleton, musculature, and do a page of action and behavioral drawings–the complete package!

Again, thanks to everyone who stopped by during the workshop!


  1. Really nice Vinod. A fine display of development sketches and final colours. Well done.

  2. Really like the full color conclusion on this guy. Well done mr. man! Lots of Vinod sauce in this post. Inspiring!

  3. Nice work, thanks for sharing the breakdown !