May 23, 2015

Fury Road

A road warrior-ey sketch from 2010
Saw Fury Road this past weekend!
I’m a huge Mad Max/Road Warrior fan and while I think Road Warrior was a “tighter” movie overall, I think Fury Road is probably the best action movie to come along in years. I think the movie is a sci-fi/fantasy nerd’s dream since it opens up the world and gives you little glimpses  of story without explaining a ton. In that way it still feels like an 80′s fantasy movie as opposed to one of the current (boring) superhero blockbusters that seem to come out every other week.

Part of that may have come from the fact that one of the writers is also one of the artists! (Brendan McCarthy. His site’s down right now but here’s some of his work for Fury Road from 1997. (movie’s been in production for a loooong time) Here's some of his work for the movie:

Also I loved the character of “Furiosa”. She belongs up there with other amazing action movie women like Ripley and Sarah Connor!

The art direction for the movie was a healthy mix of Road Warrior, Brom and Heavy Metal (comic or music, pick one! Or both!) Furiosa’s makeup and the “War Boys” were very reminiscent of Brom’s paintings for the Dark Age RPG. Oh and throw in a little dash of Phil Hale’s pale jumping guys in there as well.

Here's some of Brom's work that reminded me of some of the imagery in Fury Road:

Anyway, I highly recommend it! It's a rare occurrence that a reboot/sequel of a series from 34 years ago is actually good!

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