April 18, 2015

Marriage is a work of art... Update!

I have a nice update from the Marriage show at Krab Jab last weekend. Emily and I both sold paintings!

The painting I sold was "The Green Man" and Emily sold her companion piece titled "Children of the Forest." They were bought by the same patron and it's nice to know that the two pieces made an impact on someone. I actually had some reservations with putting my painting up for sale. It was a personal piece and I was happy with the way it turned out. But beyond that, the painting actually meant something to me. Many of my freelance illustration paintings are fun or interesting but they don't have much long-lasting meaning for me. I'm still working on a post about "The Green Man," but the painting represented a feeling about nature, compassion, and happiness that is hard for me to describe. My only solace is that whoever bought our paintings felt a strong connection to them and just had to have them!

Our two sold paintings!
The show opening went really well. There was a steady crowd throughout and Emily, the other attending artists and I gave an interesting artist talk about living and working with our spouses. (I think Krab Jab recorded it but I'm not sure when it's going up on their youtube channel)

Our wall at the show.
Two of my "geezers of fantasy" paintings.
Our wall and us!
Here's a link to Krab Jab's online inventory of the other paintings in the show that are still available for purchase:

Emily also wrote a nice post on her blog here, with some more pictures:

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