July 16, 2014


I'm extremely pleased to post about the game I've been working on for the last two years!

Click to go to the site!

I started at Motiga in August of 2012, I believe I was their 12th or 13th hire. We're now at a whopping 65 people! From the beginning it's been an amazing process of making a game that I actually care about. The team is the best dev team I've been a part of in my 9 years in game development.

Check out the beautiful trailer we've put together:
(I'd watch it on YouTube with the highest res your computer can handle.)

You'll be hearing and seeing a lot more about Gigantic here. I've have been doing some of the best design work I've ever done with this team and I think it's resonating with people. All the comments have been extremely positive.

I share my character design duties with the very talented Devon Cady-Lee. He's the designer of that sharply dressed, owl-masked, sword wielder, Tyto the Swift. The also ever talented Katy Hargrove also chips in with character design from time to time. She designed that huggable but huge Griffon guardian in the video.

But I designed all the other characters in the video. (Benefits of being on a team from the beginning, I guess.) I hope you like them!  Though Devon will soon surpass me with the speed at which he works.

Finally we have the awesome Lexxy Douglass doing all of our marketing art. She's responsible for the beautiful monochromatic stylized work seen on the website.

I'll post about all the other artists I work with soon. For now sign up for the alpha to play this amazing game! There's much more art to come!


  1. Now that I know it was you, I totally see your style in these characters!

  2. Exellent!!!
    Gigantic Style!!
    ..not in the app storer right? :((

  3. Still looks kick ass! Here's hoping it rocks the gaming world, man!

  4. Love the trailer. Looks fantastic! I am looking forward to seeing the game.