January 23, 2014

Things to Click On

The Internet is full of infinite beauty and horribleness... (mostly horribleness)

But here's some interesting stuff that isn't that horrible.
I recently got this great Norman Rockwell book, Rockwell on Rockwell: How I Make a Picture:
It's basically a reprint of Rockwell's book How I Make a Picture that he wrote in the late 1940's. That book was the first time his course for the Famous Artists School was made public. Rockwell on Rockwell: How I Make a Picture is expanded from How I Make a Picture and contains more images and more insight into his process. I love reading books about making art written by the artist because they always feels more personal.

Emily got me a few books from a lesser known Swedish Illustrator named John Bauer. He was working around the same time as Dulac and Rackham and you can tell artists like Brian Froud took a lot of influence from him. Read about him (and his sad, way too early death) and check out his work here:
(Swedish website, use google tranlsate to read it)

Interesting lecture by Dreamwork's CG modeler Michael Defeo.
The stuff he talks about is pretty Pixar/Dreamworks/Disney-centric but it's good, interesting stuff nevertheless. There's six parts, the first few being more about what makes appealing characters and the last few about 3d modeling.

Beautiful costumes from Game of Thrones:

Blue lava, anyone?

Did you know there were female Rebel pilots in ROTJ? They were edited out of the movie, except the A-wing pilot that was overdubbed with a man's voice.

Finally, my friend Tomas and I worked on DOTA2 weapon for their Chinese New Year event. If you're a Steam user please "thumbs up" our sweet jade mace!

Happy clicking!

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