September 20, 2013

Things to Click On

The Internet is full of infinite beauty and horribleness... (mostly horribleness)

Here's some nice stuff that's caught my fancy as of late:
Models for Disney's Wreck it Ralph, it's a cool thread since they show the concept and the model work.!!!

Here's a cool viral marketing site based around the Hunger Games's fashion designs.

Great talk with Terryl Whitlatch. They show some previously unreleased designs and concepts. She also talks about some cool new books and projects she's working on.

Picked up this fun storytelling game at Gen Con this year. The art's done by my favorite artist... Omar Raayyan!

I love Dave Rapoza's work on his comic, Starveil. It has that great mix of European, Japanese, and American comic styles that I love! Great bold Moebius inspired colors too.

That's all for now... happy clicking!

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