April 25, 2013

Things to Click on

The Internet is full of infinite beauty and horribleness... (mostly horribleness)
Here's some nice stuff that's caught my fancy as of late:

Been watching some interesting documentaries lately:
This was a great doc that starts out about female superheroes in comics but then expands into a greater discussion about women's representation in popular culture and media. 

This was an eye opening documentary about five youths that were coerced by the police to admit guilt for a very serious crime they didn't commit.

Anita Sarkeesian's first video game video!
If you don't know the story behind this upcoming video series... please watch this video:

Okay now some art stuff:
Did you see Emily's amazing cover for Paizo?:
Here's a post about the process:
I love how "fantasy" this head covering looks:

I'm a huge fan of Frederik Storm's 3d work. He's really pushing those shapes!

Wanna know what it looks like to wring out a wet towel in zero gravity?

The new Neil Blomkamp movie, Elisium looks amazing!

That's it, happy clicking!

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