January 3, 2013

Things to Click on

The internet is full of wonderful and horrible things. (mostly horrible) So from time to time I thought I'd share some stuff that's caught my interest.

Emily discovered this awesome electronic artist on Pandora recently, have a listen:

3D artist "Polydrawer" is doing speed sculpts of 2d Disney Characters in 3D. Beautiful work!

More cool 3D art by an artist named "Tacit Math":

I love this painting by Russian Symbolist Painter Mikhail Vrubel:
Look at that horse! 

I found this concept art for one of the Final Fantasy games, I love everything about this costume design:

No opinion on the actual movie itself, but I like some of the slick, clean designs for the new sci-movie Oblivion:
Tom Cruise plays a guy who acts like Tom Cruise.

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