November 27, 2012


Sorry for the long hiatus!
Had a couple work related things to deal with. Small things like not working at WB Games/Monolith Productions anymore and starting work at a new startup game company that goes by the name of Motiga!

Of course I can't talk about what I'm working on besides that there are characters that need some designin' and I'm the one to do it. It's a small operation, the only other concept artist is my good friend Shae Shatz who's fresh off the heels of Halo 4!
Shae's CGHub Page

I wish my compatriots at WB all the best and I can't wait for both Guardians of Middle Earth and the other project I was working on to come out. (mostly so I can post my work on here...) So, goodbye to Tolkien and hello to stuff I can't talk about till probably way later next year!

Oh I suppose you want some art to go with this post?
Here's a silly drawing I did of Emily and me.

Protip for young artists: Learn how to draw a self deprecating cartoon version
of yourself. All the cool Manga artists do it!

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